September 9, 2010

September already??

Wow....It's September already????
Ok so it's reallllly been awhile since I gave an up-date as to what the latest yarns are. I've been spinning a lot of thick and thins with multiple colors lately, *That's always a fun spin* as well as Marshmallow yarns.

Yesterday I pulled out a wool blend that I've had for some time now & decided to spin some thinner yarns. I just love these thinner wool yarns. They are "Slightly" thick & thin and their texture is wonderful!! I love how they show off a sight bit of crimp when then hang.

These yarns are also fabulous for felting projects. This is the yarn I use for my felting projects. Not super soft like Merino, but so much fun to knit with. Here's a peek at a few...

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