August 26, 2011

I'm Back!

I just got back from a two-day trip to Vermont and  up-state NY.  I went to Vermont to visit a friend's wonderful fiber mill (Hampton Mills,  Richmond, Vermont).  Then we traveled to Burlington and spent a great day there, shopping and hanging out by the lake.  From there, we traveled to Lake George, NY to spend the night and enjoy a little relaxation.  I do have to say, spinning is such a part of me that for the first time ever, I think I was in withdrawal.  I mean I was totally craving fiber and a wheel.  Usually I take my drop spindle with me, but this time I only took some knitting (obviously that wasn't enough!)

So last night, I was back on my wheel, spinning a beautiful thick & thin yarn........................I love what I do ~
                                                        This Art Yarn is a special order

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